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About Us:


Caraway Creek Custom Baits LLC was founded by Ron Nelson in 2010. Along with his daughter Carmen, he began making baits for their personal use because Carmen wanted some baits in colors no one was offering. Soon after, they began using their own baits, and they started winning the Adam and Eve Series Tournaments they were fishing. Over the next few years, they won two Angler of the Year titles and finished as runner ups two other years.

When their competitors realized they were getting beat by Ron’s baits, they wanted some. Ron graciously gave them baits and they were quickly hooked. Ron then began selling his baits locally.

In February 2020, Caraway Creek Custom Baits was purchased by Eddie Yahya. Eddie began fishing as a child and grew up fishing local ponds with his father. About 15 years ago, Eddie started fishing in local and regional tournaments, and he has been using Caraway Creek baits for the past 7. When the opportunity presented itself, Eddie jumped at the chance to continue growing Caraway Creek.

The goal of Caraway Creek Custom Baits is to manufacture high quality soft plastic baits in a variety of styles to meet the needs of local anglers and tournament professionals. We have always, and continue to be, committed to producing top quality baits at a reasonable price.

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